Mayors Taskforce For Jobs

Mayors Taskforce for Jobs is a collaboration between MTFJ and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), working together towards the vision of all young people aged 16-24 being in employment, education, training or other positive activity in their communities.  Buller MTFJ also provide pastoral care for all MTFJ recipients.

Who is eligible?

  • NZ citizen or resident
  • NEET’s (Not in education, employment or training aged 16-24)
  • Those who at risk of becoming a NEET
  • Disabled youth
  • Any other youth aged 16-24
  • People of any age who are disadvantaged in the labour market, who are not able to access MSD products or services.


Examples of funded items:

  • Driver licencing
  • Trainings/courses
  • Travel/ accommodation while attending courses
  • Mental health and wellbeing support
  • Work readiness e.g. CV’s interview preparation etc
  • Tools/ PPE



Julie Moore
MTFJ Coordinator – Buller District
021 354 658


 Ruby Eriksen
MTFJ Pastoral Care – Buller District
021 088 97933